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Parent Cyber Safety Education Session
Wednesday, 22nd March 2017
School Library
The world of social media & technology is fast becoming the centre of our children’s universe. It can be a challenging task for parents to stay on top of the dangers of social media and technology, while monitoring their child’s online behaviour and finding balance. We are offering a workshop for parents to learn more about managing children’s technology use, including an introduction into the most popular social media platforms and practical tips for keeping kids safe online. We will also cover information on setting boundaries around technology, online behaviour management, and tools for managing technology both in and outside of the home. If you’ve ever struggled with getting your kids off their games and into bed, worried about knowing what your child is accessing online, or felt concerned that your child was spending too much time in the digital world, this workshop is for you!

Please register for this event by following the link provided. This is an important school event for all parents to attend.