Rottnest Island


On Friday 11 November, our cadets ventured out to Rottnest Island to explore the many things the island has to offer. We headed off at 7.30am on some fairly rough seas. Sick bags were being handed out at a concerning regularity. Once we arrived on the island, everyone was excited to begin what was to be an awesome excursion.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We hired bikes and began our first activity. It was an Amazing Race style activity where cadets had to work out quizzes to get to checkpoints and then attempt a challenge to gain points. Cadets were challenged and struggled to meet timelines and remember to read maps, but all groups completed the challenges very well.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Cadets enjoyed our other major activity, investigating Quokkas and their habitats. Three quarters of our cadets had never seen a Quokka before, so were amazed, how easy it was to find them in their natural habitats. Cadets spent time in groups observing what they eat and how they interact with each other.


The rest of our excursion was spent exploring the settlement and outer areas on bikes. Some cadets were happy to walk around the settlement and do some beach activities. By 4pm, cadets were getting tired and it was time to head back to Hillarys on the ferry. It was a smooth ride back with no sick bags required.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What a day and what an experience. Cadets had a great time an learnt a lot about  Rottnest Island, an A class reserve. We have this experience will raise the awareness of our students of how important our local  environment is and how much enjoyment it can provide for our community.