unadjustednonraw_thumb_825On 27 October, our cadet unit spent a day at SERCUL, South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare. Our focus was indigenous studies and developing awareness of care for the environment and fauna.

We began with a welcoming ceremony followed by two activities that we rotated through. Marie conducted an ochre painting activity , learning about symbols used to create dreamtime stories. Our other activity was called turtle-ology. Cadets learnt about the life cycle of a turtle and facts about different turtles that live in our area.

After lunch we had a walk and talk around SERCUL’s property. We were shown and talked about different species of plants and attempted to see if we could find any turtles around. No luck as it happened but we hope next time we have more success.

SERCUL was a great location for an excursion and we would like to thank Amy and Marie for organising the day. It was a great experience had by all.

To see pictures and captions taken by some students, click on the links below.

Excursion 1

Excursion 2

Excursion 3