Adopt A School Project

Adopt A School Project – Our Bali Sister School Partnership

Alinjarra Primary has been a member of the “Adopt-A-School” project since its inception in 2002 as a direct response to the first Bali bombings. Adopt-A-School actively promotes partnerships between sister schools and their communities in Bali and Western Australia, to enrich and support the educational environment for students and educators. It encourages friendship and cultural understanding between teachers and students. Alinjarra Primary School’s sister school is Baturiti SD1.Our school has exchanged letters, drawings and projects depicting life in our school and we have had teachers, parents and students visit our sister school in Bali. We have also been fortunate enough to host of some of the staff from Baturiti SD1 at Alinjarra. Every year we fundraise, through a Lapathon, so we can send money over to assist in some of the projects at Baturiti SD1 such as funding the development of a student playground and the purchasing of school computers. For more information click on the link to view AdoptASchool website.