Adopt A School Bali

Our commitment to Baturit SD1 has been going for over 10 years now. The fundraising we have done for our sister school has contributed to many changes and improvements to infra-structure and educational developments. During our partnership, students have had opportunities to communicate with students from Bali, learning of their culture and customs. We donated a few laptops a few years ago, which has allowed some opportunities to share science data and improve communication with teachers.

Each year we have held fundraising events, which are extremely vital to provide better educational opportunities for students that we take for granted. Some of our smaller donations have been sporting gear, writing books, paper and pencils. As a result of our fundraising efforts, we have been able to contribute to more major projects for Baturiti. Projects like renovating the playground, building a canteen and toilet have been much appreciated by staff of the school. Last year we helped update equipment and uniforms of the drumming band. If you get the opportunity to visit, their band is a must to see.

This year our fundraising is going towards purchasing tables and chairs for the students. I was recently at the school in term 3 and the condition of this furniture was very concerning, so our funds cannot come soon enough.

We really do appreciate the generosity and efforts of parents and carers at Alinjarra PS and without it, Baturiti SD1 would not have the educational opportunities they today. If you would like any information about visiting the school, our fundraising and what it’s used for, don’t hesitate to contact myself.



Andrew Rowe

Adopt-a-School coordinator for Alinjarra Primary School.

Update 2018

Our fundraising efforts have allowed the first phase of project commence in 2018. The first delivery of chairs have arrived and look fantastic in the assembly area. Looking forward to seeing the first delivery of tables.


March 2018

The tables and chairs Alinjarra PS raised funds for have arrived. Suadra is very happy with the new chairs and tables for the assembly area. The next set of chairs and desks will begin to be used in the classrooms.

For more information click on the link to view AdoptASchool website.