Physical Education & Sport

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.

— Nelson Mandela

At Alinjarra, we believe all children should be active in some way, every day.

It is well documented that participation in sport improves team work, physical health and well-being and can lead to improved academic performance. Many life skills such as commitment, camaraderie skills and the ability to strive for success in the face of adversity are valuable lessons that the students learn from an involvement in sport.

Physical Education forms an integral part of our educational program. All students at Alinjarra are encouraged to develop physical skills, strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness so they may gain a sense of achievement and enjoyment from individual and team sporting activities. Above all, we encourage participation to the best of each person’s ability. As a school, we pride our self on the conduct and sportsmanship of our students when competing on the field and we have high expectations that our standards are maintained always. This includes behaviour and uniform standards, accepting decisions by umpires, mistakes by players, and accepting victory or defeat graciously.

Phys-ED Program

The physical education program is a well-balanced, comprehensive, skill-based program. During the weekly session, students are involved in a variety of activities that develop their physical fitness and skills in a wide range of sports. Sportsmanship, enjoyment and participation are the main goals.

Year 1 to Year 2 primarily focus on the introduction and development of fundamental movement skills. Some of these include running, skipping, catching, dribbling, striking and throwing. These abilities underpin essential skills that make up many of the major games and movement activities that they will be introduced to in coming years.

In Years 3 and 4, students are introduced to increasingly complex motor skills and primarily focus on refining Fundament Movement Skills. These skills may then be transferred into more complex games and movement sequences.

Upper Primary students (5 and 6) are introduced to a game sense approach to the sports they learn. They begin to transfer and apply the movement skills to modified games, where there are opportunities to develop both skills and understanding of tactics. This approach promotes the development of ‘thinking players’.

We offer a sports club to Year 5 and 6 students every Friday afternoon with sports rotating weekly. The sports include cricket, soccer, AFL, and basketball. Teams are organised by house factions; Batavia, Endeavour, Bounty, and Sirius. This becomes very competitive between the factions as they battle it out to be the most successful. But of course, sport club is also about having fun, enjoying cooperating with team mates, and trying something new.

Inter-school sport

During term 2 there will be an Inter-School Winter carnival where the students will compete against other local primary schools in soccer, football and netball.


In term 3, all students will participate in the athletics program during normal Physical Education classes. Students will train with highly regarded coaches to ensure they learn each skill set and perform to the best of their ability, culminating in the faction athletics and interschool carnivals.

On enrolment, students are placed in one of four factions.

Our factions are: Uniform Colour
Batavia Light blue
Bounty Red
Endeavour Green
Sirius White

Faction Captains

Faction captains are elected by the student body.

Faction captains and vice captains demonstrate a high level of leadership as well as presenting good team work, sportsmanship and motivational skills. Captains and vice captains are involved in monitoring sporting equipment during recess/lunch breaks. They also assist the Physical Educational teacher and school staff at all school sport events.


Captains:  Mina, Andrew

Vice: Tahlia


Captains : Mischa, Kyran


Captains:  Elora, Zac

Vice: Paige


Captains: Lucas, Dylan