The Arts “Music”

Music at Alinjarra Primary is taught to all students across year 1 and 2. Music in the junior years is learnt through singing, games, body percussion and playing instruments. The aim at this level is to develop music skills in a fun and engaging context, fostering a lifelong love of music and learning.

The focus of music classes in semester 1 is to develop students’ awareness of beat, rhythm, pitch and dynamics. Students will learn to sing traditional and contemporary songs by Australian artists, including songs in Noongar language.

Children’s literature will be used this year as a basis for creating new music ideas. Classes will examine sound adjectives and adverbs and experiment with the elements of music to create different moods and characterizations. Students will also learn to record and share their music ideas using some standard music notation.

In addition to the music classes taught at the school, we have a successful school choir for selected students in year 4 to 6 that rehearses between 2-3pm every Thursday. The choir travels to at least two different performance venues each year and performs at numerous school assemblies. Costs are covered by the school so that all choir students have the opportunity to be involved in these amazing experiences, memories of which last a lifetime.

We also have a school rock band that rehearses and sometimes performs at lunch time on Fridays.