School Information

Our school’s motto of “friendship” underpins an ethos of providing a positive, co-operative, safe and caring learning environment. We welcome your partnership, support and encouragement in all our endeavours.

As stated in our vision, at Alinjarra Primary School we work together with our school community to equip our students to strive for excellence in all that they do. We encourage them to be active lifelong learners with a passion for knowledge. Above all we want our students to achieve their potential and become responsible, civic minded members of the world community.

Our teachers at Alinjarra are dedicated to providing high quality educational opportunities through effective programmes, appropriate responsive strategies, expectations of excellence and challenge, and nurturing in children a sense of achievement in giving their best.

At times we will try new programmes, trial new approaches and consolidate the use of proven learning techniques. We have high expectations of behaviour and self-discipline from our students and will encourage an attitude of “caring for others”.

We welcome your family to our school community. Through open, honest communication we can work together to ensure a positive learning journey for your child. Our staff strive to ensure that our students leave us with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to achieve their individual potential.

ADDRESS:                                                    33 Northumberland Avenue   Alexander Heights WA 6064

PHONE:                                                         (08) 9342 3388

FAX:                                                               (08) 9247 3263



SMS (ABSENCES):                                      0409 682 921

PRINCIPAL:                                                   Mrs Lesley Meyers

DEPUTY PRINCIPALS:                            Mrs Janese McDougall          Mrs Suzanne Fisher


SCHOOL OFFICER:                                     Mrs Tracey Murphy

SCHOOL HOURS:                                        Start:               8.40 AM

Recess:           10.40 – 10.55 AM

Lunch:             1.00 – 1.45 PM

Finish:              3.00 PM

2019 school calendar


OFFICE OPEN:                                                     Tuesday, 29 January

STAFF P.D. DAY:                                                  Thursday, 31 January

Friday, 1 February

SCHOOL RESUMES:                                         Monday 4th February

LABOUR DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY:                      Monday, 4 March

TERM ENDS:                                                             Friday, 12 April

EASTER PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:                               Friday, 19 April

Monday, 22 April


STAFF P.D. DAY:                                                       Monday, 29 April

TERM COMMENCES:                                          Tuesday, 30 April

WA DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY:                                   Monday, 3 June

TERM ENDS:                                                               Friday, 5 July


STAFF P.D. DAY:                                                       Monday, 22 July

TERM COMMENCES:                                         Tuesday, 23 July

TERM ENDS:                                                               Friday, 27 September


STAFF P.D. DAY:                                                       Monday, 14 October

TERM COMMENCES:                                        Tuesday, 15 October

 TERM ENDS:                                                             Thursday, 19 December

STAFF P.D. DAY:                                                       Friday, 20 December