We communicate with parents, and our school community, through a variety of methods including our website, fortnightly newsletters, sms and our Skoolbag app (which is available for FREE download from both Apple and Android app stores).  Our teachers may also have face-to-face meetings and phone discussions with parents which, are arranged for mutually convenient times.

Open, honest communication is an important part of the trust relationship we share with our students, parents and broader school community.

Skoolbag Parent Instructions

Parent / Teacher Contact

Our school encourages regular contact between parents and teachers.  A general meeting for parents is held early in the year to foreshadow programmes and procedures, and provide an opportunity to meet our teachers.

If there are any matters that arise during the year, which you feel you need to discuss with your child’s teacher, please contact our school and a suitable time will be arranged.

Please note that it is difficult for our teachers to discuss anything at length with you during school time.  It is therefore important that you contact your child’s teacher either by phoning the school or by providing a note, so that a time suitable to both parties can be made.

Please recognise that the 15 minutes prior to school commencement is a crucial time used for preparation by teachers – this not an appropriate time for a parent/teacher interview.

Student Progress

It is our intention to keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress.  Methods to do this will include:

  • Sending home periodical test and work samples, or portfolio packages
  • A mid-year written report
  • Parent/teacher interviews
  • Parent/teacher class meetings
  • End of year written report