School Board

As an independent public school Alinjarra is required to establish and maintain a school board. Information about the roles and responsibilities of a school board is available from the Department of Education (WA).

In summary, school boards have both approval and advisory roles. For example, school boards approve school contributions and charges, booklist requirements and the school dress code. School boards provide advice on school policies and procedures, and can take part in developing and reviewing some school documents (such as the School Annual Report).

School boards do not manage, participate or intervene in the day-to-day running of a school.

The Alinjarra Primary School Board operates as an unincorporated school board, with parent, community and staff members who meet throughout the school year. Information on current membership, along with board meeting agendas and minutes are available for viewing below.

The Board can be contacted in via the school office or at:

Board Documents

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Meeting Agendas

Meeting Agenda – 22 May 2019

Meeting Agenda – 19 June 2019

Meeting Agenda – 31 July 2019

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 22 May 2019

Meeting Minutes – 19 June 2019

Meeting Minutes – 31 July 2019