It was a shame to see all the hard work of Room 12 students go to waste when staff and students arrived at school on

IMG_4111Monday 27th October. The veggie garden had been vandalised over the weekend to the point that all plants could not be recovered. Tomatoes were destroyed, plants ripped out and scaffolding torn down.

On Tuesday all students went out to see the damage done and the response was enormous. Students truly appreciated all the hard work that students and parents had contributed to what is a wonderful community project.



Year 1 students from Room 2 wrote letters to Room 12 about how sad they were to see the vandalism, which gave the students a huge lift. (click on the link to see the letters) They also donated a replacement mandarin tree.

Students of Room 12 appreciate all the kind words and support that they have received this week and will keep the community informed of the progress of the new veggie garden.

If parents and friends do see unauthorised people in the school grounds on weekends or during holiday periods, we would appreciate you contacting appropriate authorities or contact the office during school hours so we can follow it up.