Science Club

The Science Club consists of selected Year Five and Year Six students. Once a week during lunch, students are given the opportunity to explore Science in a hands-on, fun way. There are no right or wrong answers, just a chance to be creative and challenge themselves in investigations.

In Term One, students blew up balloons without hands and designed and created scribble bots. They had fun presenting them at assembly.

In Term Two, students became creative programming robots. (video link) They programmed them to spin and move through mazes. One challenge was to program multiple robots to do a Mexican wave. There were successes and failures but the students enthusiasm is what is making the club a huge success.

Click photo to see students creating and using scribble bots







 Term 3

Can you fit a balloon in a jar?

Click here to see what happened.


Term 3 was a very busy time for the school, which meant that Science Club was not running every week, due to Faction Carnival, choir commitments and Inter School training and carnival. When students had time, they were creating electronic gadgets. They included clever things such as a bridge that raised, boats with electric paddles, helicopters and more. Many are still being built, so we will continue this next term.

What’s happening in Term 4?

Exciting times in term 4 as we will be starting a junior Science club. Our senior science clubbers will be setting up mini science demonstrations for the juniors to see and do.

More information will be added during term 4.