Science at Alinjarra PS

Alinjarra PS has a fabulous Science Program. Students from year 1 to year 6 develop their scientific understanding of the world through investigating and exploring events happening in their everyday lives. 


Term 4

Students have been very busy investigating Chemical Science and attempting some great STEM challenges.

Term 3

Term 3 was a very busy term in which students investigated physical science. Topics ranged from push and pull forces to electrical energy. Towards the end of term, students applied their knowledge to STEM activities and used a range of digital technology techniques to present them.

The year 1 and 2 students had a great time making simple machines from different types of pasta. A highlight from year 3 was their penguin project where they explored the concepts of heat transfer and how penguins stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Year 4 students explored properties of magnets and made some very clever magnetic toys and games. Our year 5 students investigated light and used their ideas to create a light maze, in which a laser was directed through a maze of mirrors. Some of the creations were magnificent.

Year 6 students created and designed a vast array of electrical circuits. They explored uses of series and parallel circuits and designed their own pressure switches to use in their own creation of an Indiana Jones type maze that contained electronic traps. Students will complete their presentations early next term, which the best will be displayed on this page.

Next term students will be investigating chemical science.

Term 2

During Term 2, the program focused on Biological Sciences. Students explored habitats, plants and animals, human impact on the environment and ways we as a community can protect our environment.

One of the many highlights was the Year 1 students investigating snails. They learnt about the main features of a snail and created simple experiments on what is a snail’s favourite food and how fast can a snail travel? Students were quite apprehensive handling snails in the beginning but by the end of our investigation, they were treating them like their very own pet.